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Conferences: your fundraising & distribution secret weapon

Festivals are overrated and conferences are underrated. Learn our secrets to making conferences a central part of your fundraising and distribution plans. Check out our downloadable conference How-To Guide

In this guide you'll learn how to

  • Find the right conferences
  • Make an introductory pitch
  • Negotiate your participation
  • Get paid for presenting 
  • Build momentum before and after
“S&T is an indie filmmaker's best friend at all stages of the filmmaking process!”
Christine La Monte, Producer, Viva Verdi

Festivals are overrated and conferences are underrated. Conferences are a critical part of an effective fundraising strategy. Whether you’re in production, post, and distribution, conferences will help you reach unexpected funders. The right conference can further your efforts to connect with your target audience, reach aligned companies and philanthropies, book events, and sell educational licenses for your film.

It is not hyperbole….conferences have made the difference for the fundraising and distribution of many of the filmmakers we work with. Conferences are an offshoot of an effective partnership strategy. The companies, non profits, advocacy groups, professional associations you’ll partner with all have some form of conference. They may call them trade shows, expos, annual meetings but they’re all forms of conferences and will be very helpful in identifying and connecting with funders and partners.

Attending conferences has brought in over $1 million for filmmakers we support from such varied partners as 23andMe, AARP, Stanford University, and many more.

Learn our secrets to leveraging conferences in your fundraising and distribution plans.

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