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Wherever you are in your filmmaking journey, we can help.

Our approach to fundraising & distribution has helped hundreds of filmmakers grow their audiences around the world and generate millions in revenue.

“Show&Tell is an indie filmmaker's best friend at all stages of the filmmaking process!”
— Christine La Monte, Producer, VIVA VERDI

Increase Revenues

We’ll share our proven approach to raise funds, connect with target audiences, pitch partners, and  much more.

Hands-on Coaching

We teach you essential strategies & guide you as you put them into action

Webinars on Strategy

Live & recorded webinars to learn from our team, successful filmmakers & industry leaders

Community of Filmmakers

Connect with & learn from filmmakers actively fundraising & distributing their films

Guides on Demand

50+ video lessons on essential topics—from big picture distribution to tactics on pitching funders

“I learned more about funding and distributing my film in a single Show&Tell webinar than I did in months of research and web searching.”

Rick Rotondi,
Director, Messiah

Host Virtual Events

We make it easy — and beautiful — to share your work-in-progress cut or finished film, sell tickets, ask for donations, and much more.

Host a Virtual Screening

Build customized screening pages for your film to host events, connect with attendees & generate revenue

Coaching to Pitch Partners & Sell

We’ll help you connect with companies & nonprofits that want to fund & promote your film

Best Practice Webinars, Guides, Community

Watch our pitching role play videos, download our template pitch decks & get a headstart

“Since my first virtual event, I’ve booked 37 more with partners ranging from universities to tech companies. I’ve raised $110,000 so far!”

Jen Tennican,
Director, Hearts of Glass

Filmmakers using Show&Tell have partnered with:

Fundraise More

Our fundraising approach has helped filmmakers raise over $4 million from non-traditional funders like companies & nonprofits. We’ll show you how.

Host a Virtual Fundraiser

Whether you only have a teaser or your final cut is locked, we help you sell tickets, request donations, collect emails & connect with donors

Coaching to Inform & Support You

We’ll help you expand your fundraising outreach to include companies, philanthropies & nonprofits that will fund your film

Best Practice Webinars, Guides, Community

Learn & master fundraising from our webinars with fundraising experts, 50+ video lessons & our community of filmmakers actively fundraising

“Show&Tell's guide and coaching empower filmmakers to value their work not only as important storytelling, but as a way to earn a living.”

Krys Kornmeier,
Director, Normal Isn’t Real

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Show&Tell in Action

  • First three virtual events totalled $9,000 in fees

  • Led keynote presentations at large, national virtual conferences

  • Virtual events proved audience and helped secure PBS broadcast

  • First event: $7,000 in ticket sales

  • Sales to date: $100,000+ during first 14 events

  • Launched a national virtual tour partnering with symphony orchestras across the country

  • Hosted 70 virtual events to date and plan to do 250

  • Generated $46,000+ in ticket sales and donations

  • Shared $10,000+ in donations with the film’s subject

  • Hosted 23 virtual events generating $69,000

  • Partnered with top universities like the University of Georgia and advocacy groups like Best Buddies

  • Some virtual event hosts also sponsored PBS broadcast

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Virtual Screenings
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  • Customize for your needs

  • The most essential topics

  • Live & interactive Q&As

  • Recorded webinars on-demand

  • Private Facebook group

  • Your questions answered

  • Hear from us & 150+ filmmakers

  • 50+ video lessons

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