Who We Are

We’re a team of filmmakers with a combined 50 years of experience in documentary. Our mission: help filmmakers connect with their audiences and make money.

Keith Ochwat

Keith is a filmmaker and Founder of Show&Tell. Over his 12 year career as a documentary filmmaker, Keith produced three films that appeared on PBS and Netflix.

His film Age of Champions screened in over 3,000 communities and generated over $1.5 million—powered by partnerships with groups like AARP and the Alzheimer’s Association and companies like Cigna Health.

Keith has since taught and advised hundreds of filmmakers on their distribution and fundraising strategies.

He's delivered keynote presentations on distribution at filmmaking organizations like IDA and IFP and his work has appeared in IndieWire and Documentary Magazine.

Robert A. Compton

Bob co-founded Show&Tell and has produced 11 documentaries since 2007 and 6 narrative features. His first 6 documentaries were about global education, including Two Million Minutes and The Finland Phenomenon.

He has been an executive producer on five other documentaries, including Cartel Land (Oscar nominated for Best Documentary 2016), Rich Hill (Sundance Grand Jury Prize 2014), and The Hunting Ground.

He has successfully self-distributed five films, including First Girl I Loved (Sundance Best of NEXT Audience Award 2016), Columbus (Sundance 2017) and his first documentary, Two Million Minutes.

Before becoming a filmmaker, he had a 25-year career as a high-tech venture capitalist.

Nadia Acevedo
Head of Filmmaker Engagement, Filmmaker

For filmmakers getting to know Show&Tell’s virtual screening platform and coaching services, Nadia answers their questions and helps them get started.

Her work with filmmakers is rooted in understanding their unique distribution and fundraising needs and connecting them with the proper Show&Tell coaching and virtual screening resources.

Nadia is also a filmmaker and produced an Ecuadorian film called “Sólo Es Una Más”. She received her bachelors in Cinema Studies in Paris, France and master’s degree in Media Management at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

Kristin Estes
Head of Operations

Kristin helps craft and manage our creative content and website, oversees the operations and logistics of our virtual event platform and educational guides, and assists filmmakers to optimize their virtual events. Her passion for research and detail fuels her ability and love for problem-solving.

She has a background in business with over 14 years of experience in customer service and operations in a variety of industries including technology, aviation, and fitness.She’s also a state record-holding powerlifter.

When Kristin isn’t managing our creative content or preparing reports, she’s usually weight training or keeping an eye on her three year old daughter and three dogs.

Siena Ledger
Director of Customer Service

Siena welcomes new filmmakers into the community and provides prompt and effective support and guidance on all things technical at Show&Tell. Siena’s passion is helping people.

In their time outside of S&T, they also enjoy teaching yoga and telling stories. Siena has written seven stage plays; three of which have productions around the states and abroad.

Royah Beheshti
Director of Distribution

Originally brought onboard to keep our Circle running smoothly, Royah's contributions to our team quickly evolved. She's worked closely alongside Keith to help perfect our Circle Members' pitching tools and techniques, pinpoint target audiences and generate meaningful successes for our filmmakers.

These days, Royah contributes to our community as Director of Distribution. She believes our filmmakers are changing the world one story at a time, and is delighted to have a hand in fostering equitable partnerships so even more good can be done.

Royah is a writer and impact producer based in Los Angeles. She's a native Tucsonan with a healthy appreciation for dry heat, hot yoga and a little tequila for good measure. She loves spending time outdoors and her sweet dog, Del