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We've helped filmmakers raise over $2 million by creating effective content to identify and pitch funders that care about your film’s message and will write you a check.

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We've spent twelve years producing and fundraising my own films and another four years advising filmmakers on theirs. We've seen what works and what doesn't.

Our approach has helped filmmakers raise over $2,000,000 from companies, foundations, and non-profits outside the normal, over-saturated channels for film funding.

Learn the essential strategies of:

  • Adapting your existing content for fundraising

  • Prioritizing the most effective length cuts

  • Identifying and pitching potential funders

Filmmakers We've Worked With

About Your Instructors

Keith Ochwat

Keith is the founder of the Show&Tell virtual screening platform and leads the Show&Tell educational course. After producing his own documentaries for 12 years, he’s advised hundreds of filmmakers on their distribution fundraising strategy. He's delivered keynote presentations on distribution at filmmaking organizations like IDA and IFP and his work has appeared in IndieWire and Documentary Magazine.

“After many years of producing my own films and working with other filmmakers, it’s become clear that longevity in this industry is about understanding and creating direct connections with your audience. My goal with Show&Tell is to empower filmmakers with the knowledge, tools and community they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing distribution landscape.”
My approach to fundraising and distribution has been featured in:

Karen Everett

Karen Everett is one of the world's leading documentary Story Consultants, as well as an award-winning filmmaker. Founder of New Doc Editing, she has helped hundreds of filmmakers structure documentaries for PBS, HBO, Sundance, and other top venues. Karen taught documentary editing for 18 years at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, named the #1-ranked documentary program in America by "Documentary Magazine". Her business also provides experienced editors.

About Show&Tell

Show&Tell is a virtual screening and educational platform helping filmmakers connect with their audiences and generate meaningful revenue. We'd love to learn more about your distribution plans and how we can help achieve your fundraising and distribution vision.

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