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Toolkits: Your Film & Much, Much More

Don't sell your film short - add more value for your partners and revenue for you. Create simple (or fully customized) toolkits with all of the resources and content they need to have a successful screening... and license your film for much more than you would on it's own.

Download our sample toolkit to learn what to include and see real examples.

In this guide you'll learn how to

  • Identify the type of toolkit that fits your partners needs
  • Put together content & resources your target audience will appreciate
  • Add additional value to a screening with next steps & resources for viewers
“S&T is an indie filmmaker's best friend at all stages of the filmmaking process!”
Christine La Monte, Producer, Viva Verdi

Understanding how your partners and target audience want to watch and share your film is key to delivering it in the most beneficial and impactful manner. While some solely desire the film, others crave bonus materials such as behind the scenes content, discussion guides, marketing materials, and other resources that align their enthusiasm with your mission.

Toolkits provide the extra resources they seek while also creating an opportunity for you to increase revenue by selling them as part of a license or as a standalone product.

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