“A lot of filmmakers think that there’s just one path to finding an audience, which is going through the festival route and waiting for tastemakers to accept your film, and that is a hard route if you’re not accepted. Show&Tell is such a great way to hustle your own work out to your audience and have an immediate result. It was really freeing and it felt really fantastic.”

- Dan Rybicky, Director and Producer, STORMY AND THE ADMIRALS

In a normal year, Dan Rybicky, the documentary filmmaker who directed and produced STORMY AND THE ADMIRALS, would have gone the traditional route of hosting in-person screenings and applying to film festivals for consideration. 2020 was anything but normal, however, and Dan knew that if he wanted to make the most of the film’s timeliness (subject Stormy Daniels is known for her affair with then-incumbent presidential candidate Donald Trump), he needed to get it out into the world quickly. 

Dan heard about Show&Tell in a course about online distribution and decided initially to use it to screen the film for the film’s other subjects: the elderly feminists who support Stormy’s work. However, once he experienced how easy it was to use the platform, he thought, “If I’m going to open this up to share it with these women, why don’t I share it with their friends? And why don’t I make money?” 

Using Show&Tell’s Partner Driven Distribution model, the STORMY AND THE ADMIRALS team partnered with Get Your Booty to the Poll, a PSA campaign in Georgia with the goal of increasing voter turnout with the Black male demographic. That led to mentions on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which in turn led to an inquiry from NPR and consideration from Netflix and Hulu. 

“This really was a great introduction to the film for many people, because the word got out in a really wonderful way,” said Dan. “Show&Tell gave me the options that I was hoping I would get if the film had been accepted at more festivals.”

Dan is excited about the possibilities Show&Tell has opened up for independent filmmakers. He teaches filmmaking at Columbia College, and is planning to conduct some events with students in the spring to demonstrate how they can use the platform to empower their efforts.