Each of our Team Members chose one film to highlight as their favorite of the month. Here’s what they had to say about each one:

Keith’s Pick:

SUMMER OF SOUL, Directed by Questlove

“After watching 10 documentaries at this year’s Sundance Virtual Film Festival, one film delighted me and has lingered on my mind: SUMMER OF SOUL. Questlove’s directorial debut doc is expertly crafted from archival music footage not seen since it was filmed 50 years ago at the Harlem Cultural Festival. The music, energy, and candid conversations about race feel powerful, beautiful, urgent and relevant even today. I absolutely love this film and it made me marvel. I’m not going out on a limb here…it also won both the Grand Jury prize and Audience award! ” — Keith Ochwat, Founder and CEO

Tristyn’s Pick:

BECOMING, Directed by Nadia Hallgren

“Becoming is one of my favorite documentaries, and books! Passionate about empowerment and intersectional feminism, I loved learning more about the historical First Lady and how her identity as a Black woman played into her life experience even before entering the White House.” — Tristyn Acasio, Communications & Community Specialist

Lauren’s Pick:

APOLLO, Directed by Roger Ross Williams

“My passion for music and its history drew me to rewatch one of my favorites this month, The Apollo. I love learning about the significance of the iconic New York venue while also looking at the wider scope of Black Americans’ influence on all of American music.” — Lauren Thomason, Creative Content Producer

Alex’s Pick:

DO THE RIGHT THING, Directed by Spike Lee

“I’m rewatching DO THE RIGHT THING by Spike Lee — its a classic that gets more prescient the longer it ages from 1989 — so much of what’s happening today with the BLM movement is an evolution of the struggles Lee depicts in the film.” — Alex Dobrenko, Head of Product

Nadia’s Pick:

LES MISÉRABLES, Directed by Ladj Ly

“I’m very passionate about French cinema. ‘Les Misérables’ by Ladj Ly is a film about the tension and oppression between different groups in the suburbs outside of Paris.” — Nadia Acevedo, Head of Filmmaker Engagement

Please check these films out if you can and be sure to pay extra attention to black voices in film this month and every month.

If you’re looking for ways to support Black communities, filmmakers, and creatives, check out these resources:

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