Making money while making an impact

Impact, fundraising and distribution are intertwined.

Making Money While Making an ImpactMaking Money While Making an Impact

Making money while making an impact

Making Money While Making an ImpactMaking Money While Making an Impact

Impact, fundraising and distribution are intertwined.


Making money while making an impact

Making Money While Making an Impact

Impact, fundraising and distribution are intertwined.


Impact and fundraising go hand in hand. Communicating a simple and compelling impact goal to potential funders and partners has opened so many doors for promotional and financial support to the filmmakers who know how to wield this power.

Caitlin Boyle (DOC NYC)  and Ani Mercedes (Looky Looky Pictures) join me in revealing how you can make money while making an impact.

We covered essentials like:

  • The difference between fundraising for your film and fundraising for impact
  • Revenue opportunities as part of your impact campaign
  • How to articulate your impact goal to potential partners and funders 

About Your Instructor

About Your Instructors

Keith Ochwat

Keith is the founder of the Show&Tell virtual screening platform and leads the Show&Tell educational course.

After producing his own documentaries for 12 years, he’s advised hundreds of filmmakers on their distribution fundraising strategy.

He's delivered keynote presentations on distribution at filmmaking organizations like IDA and IFP and his work has appeared in IndieWire and Documentary Magazine.

My approach to fundraising and distribution has been featured in:

Caitlin Boyle

Caitlin Boyle is a specialist in social impact, audience engagement and partner cultivation for documentary film.

Beginning in 2008, she spent a decade as Founder & Executive Director of Film Sprout, a distribution and audience engagement agency whose mission was to broaden the visibility and reach of documentary film through large-scale international screening tours.

A champion of innovation in the distribution of documentary film, Caitlin pioneered the strategic exhibition of films in grassroots and campus settings, where their distribution could be paired with powerful social action initiatives.

After selling Film Sprout, Caitlin turned to work as a leading strategic advisor for independent film teams and documentary distributors seeking to use film as a tool for civic engagement and social impact while maximizing their distribution and revenue potential.

Caitlin also serves as the Director of Filmmaker Development at DOC NYC, America’s largest documentary film festival, and as the project manager for the FaithDoc Impact Lab at Auburn Media’s Hartley Media Impact Initiative.

Ani Mercedes

Ani Mercedes is C.E.O., Founder and Impact Producer of Looky Looky Pictures, an impact production company that connects the power of films with the power of people. They work with stories that go beyond empathy; that aim to participate in the transformational work of building solidarity with (rather than for) the communities they aim to serve. Ani and her team have implemented and advised on impact production for over 800 filmmakers including the films Through the Night, Councilwoman, Building the American Dream, and LIYANA. You can learn more at

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