Today we’re beginning a 2-part peek into one of the essential focuses of Show&Tell’s winning fundraising and distribution strategy - conferences!


Simply put, don't ignore conferences. They might be your key to success.

Most filmmakers overestimate the importance of festivals and are oblivious to the power of conferences.

What those filmmakers don’t know is that conferences can supercharge your film’s distribution by helping generate essential awareness necessary to win at both reaching the right audience and maximizing revenue. Meaningful partnerships established by presenting at conferences can contribute significantly to your bottom line through both speaking fees and sponsorships.


How valuable is it to increase your effectiveness at: identifying your target audience, connecting with funders, and tapping into expansive networks of potential supporters?

The right conference can be more than just another event in your film’s distribution. It can mark the moment your film goes from unknown to must-have.


How do you find that right conference and take advantage of its full potential to augment your distribution strategy? 


You’ll need to first identify conferences held by organizations with missions that are aligned with your film.

If your film supports a cause or raises awareness around an issue, it belongs at conferences held by organizations related to your core message. Your presence at those conferences benefits not just you and your film, but also the organizations hosting them, and the greater goals you both share. Once event leaders understand how your film can amplify their message and help them reach their objectives, your screening goes from a one-sided request to a win-win. They’ll see it as an opportunity for them as much as for you.


In order to make any headway, though, you need contacts for the right organizations, the right events, and the right organizers and gatekeepers. You also need a plan of action.


You can use it as your guide, helping you through your journey leveraging conferences for your fundraising and distribution. Supercharge Your Distribution covers how to pitch conference planners, negotiate speaking fees, and more. 


The guide also includes how to build on the momentum you create at conferences. Don’t do all the work to make it to conferences, only to leave potential partners, funding, and opportunities to reach new audiences on the table. Follow our step-by-step process that’s been used by hundreds of filmmakers to earn millions for their documentaries.


We help our Show&Tell documentary filmmakers of all backgrounds and experience levels apply distribution strategies that align with their messaging, budget, and aspirations. Next week, we’ll be sharing some of their stories and the big wins that they’ve experienced by leveraging conferences in their fundraising and distribution plans. You won’t want to miss some of the surprises and wins that even caught us off guard!