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Virtual Screenings

Virtual Screenings, Simplified

Easily create beautiful, customized landing pages for your film — at any stage of your filmmaking journey.

  • Host virtual events with partners

  • Host work-in-progress fundraisers

  • Sell tickets & ask for donations

  • Lead a live Q&A

  • Collect emails of attendees

“We’re still in post but we launched a virtual event strategy, identified our core audience and raised over $30,000.”
— Beth Dolan, Co-Director, Stranger at Home
“Virtual screenings enabled me to connect with my audience and raise over $100,000 in sponsorship fees, ticket sales, and donations.”
— Ward Serrill, Director, The Bowmakers

Wow & Monetize

A cinematic screening page for you to share your film & ask for support

  • Charge tickets

  • Ask for contributions

  • Sell products

“We’ve held over 60 virtual screenings for our short film supporting immigration causes, while generating over $45,000 to support our distribution.”

Zach Ingrassi, director of UNDOCUMENTED LAWYER

Create & Customize

Make a virtual screening page that reflects your film & your needs

  • Easily build your page

  • Customize the look

  • Recognize your partners

“Being able to control my own work and share my film directly with my audience is what has helped me leapfrog over the usual tastemakers.”

Dan Rybicky, director of STORMY AND THE ADMIRALS

Connect & Collect

Built-in features make it easy for your viewers & partners to:

  • Ask for email addresses

  • Engage in a live Q&A

  • Support your film

“Since my first virtual event, I’ve booked 37 more with partners ranging from universities to tech companies. I’ve raised $110,000 so far!”

Jen Tennican, director of HEARTS OF GLASS

Show&Tell in Action

  • First three virtual events totalled $9,000 in fees

  • Led keynote presentations at large, national virtual conferences

  • Virtual events proved audience and helped secure PBS broadcast

  • First event: $7,000 in ticket sales

  • Sales to date: $100,000+ during first 14 events

  • Launched a national virtual tour partnering with symphony orchestras across the country

  • Hosted 70 virtual events to date and plan to do 250

  • Generated $46,000+ in ticket sales and donations

  • Shared $10,000+ in donations with the film’s subject

  • Hosted 23 virtual events generating $69,000

  • Partnered with top universities like the University of Georgia and advocacy groups like Best Buddies

  • Some virtual event hosts also sponsored PBS broadcast

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