Host Virtual Screenings with Ease

Create beautiful, customized landing pages for your film where you can host events, connect with attendees, and generate revenue for your film.

Host Live Events

Create a landing page for your film with a custom URL and host events that allow anyone, anywhere to watch your film. 

Sell Your Film

Generate revenue through ticket sales and a secure online store where you can offer merch, virtual toolkits, and more. 

Host Q&As

Make your event special by providing a live, virtual Q&A that engages your audience and sparks important discussions.

Make the most of your virtual event by signing up for our expert-taught distribution course.
Find a partner that will sponsor or help promote your event
Set a start and end date
Make available for free, charge for tickets, or collect donations
Upload your trailer, film & more info about you and your film
Include a pre-roll video from your partner or the film team
Add virtual tookits and merch to your film's shop
Add event details for a live, virtual Q&A
Share your event’s custom URL with your partner to spread the word
Allow anyone, anywhere to watch your film
Collect email addresses of attendees
Participate in a virtual Q&A without ever needing to leave your home
Extend the screening window beyond the live Q&A to continue momentum
Replicate success with other similar partners (example: one nursing org so approach other nursing orgs to partner on a virtual event)
Follow up with attendees
See it in Action
See real Virtual Event pages from other documentary filmmakers so you can imagine your own.

Get Started

Whether you're interested in our Distribution Course or our Virtual Events Platform, or the powerful combo of both, we're excited to share our knowldge and help you succeed. Purchase one our services below and get started today.
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Online Course

  • Live Webinars and interactive Q&As exclusively for subscribers with the S&T team, led by Founder Keith Ochwat
  • Ask us anything sessions meant to address your specific distribution questions
  • Role Plays to illustrate real-world and lived experiences pitching and negotiating 
  • Content Library with 15+ hours of in-depth and actionable knowledge (with more lessons added each week)  
  • Templates, tools, and resources from real-life pitch decks, email and phone scripts, and more
  • Distribution Roadmap summarizing what you’ve learned and to guide your film’s release
  • Community of like-minded filmmakers to moderated by the S&T Team on our private Facebook Group
Annual Subscription
Get the Course
Full access to Show&Tell'S

Virtual Events

  • Reach a global audience by hosting a *virtual event.
  • Lead a live Q&A with your viewers
  • Make money by selling tickets, asking for donations, and simply collecting emails
  • Stream your film on a beautiful and professional event page
  • Brand your page with your logo and/or your paterner's logo.
  • Leverage powerful partnerships that can help you promote awareness of your event
  • Realtime reporting to keep track your ticket purchasers, donors, and email subscribers
  • Flexibility to host your events at any time and make your event as long or short as you choose 
  • **Three Virtual Event Licenses ($300 value)
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Course + Events

  • The Best Value and our recommendation
  • Get Everything listed in both the Course and Virtual Events packages
  • Apply the strategic knowledge you gain from the Course to distributing your film using our Virtual Events
Annual Subscription
Get Both and Save
*Virtual Events fees: Stripe processing fee (2.9% and 30 cents per transaction) and S&T fee (15% of revenue through an event page)

**Additional event licenses may be purchased as needed.
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Success Stories

The Bowmakers
THE BOWMAKERS spotlights an overlooked instrument essential to playing any stringed instrument and the masters who make them. 
  • First event: $7,000 in ticket sales
  • Sales to date: $60,000+ during their first handful of events
  • Launched a national virtual tour partnering with symphony orchestras across the country
“Show&Tell's virtual event model helped me and the nonprofit organizations we partnered with expand our reach.”
Double Dummy
"I’ve started to see the inevitability of our film's success thanks to Keith’s coaching and the Show&Tell webinars."
— John McAllister, producer
Get Busy Living
GET BUSY LIVING follows a professional skydiver’s crippling accident, inspiring recovery, and journey to jump out of a plane again. 
  • First three virtual events totalled $9,000 in fees
  • Led keynote presentations at large, national virtual conferences
  • Virtual events proved audience and helped secure PBS broadcast
“Virtual events opened up a new avenue for revenue to help my firm and allowed a much wider audience to experience it.”
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How do I get started?


Purchase a bundle of event licenses above and you can immediately start building your first event. It takes less than 10 minutes to build your first basic event. But we’re happy to help. Sign up for our free and weekly, ‘How To” Webinar or visit our Support page for helpful guidance.

What types of events can you host?


A. Free + email collection: collect name and email only. See example

B. Free + donation request: collect name and email + request but not require donations. See example

C. Sell tickets: require viewers purchase a ticket to watch (name and email will be collected during checkout) See example

D. Sell tickets + donation request: sell tickets + request collect donations (name and email will be collected during checkout) See example

How Does Show&Tell protect from piracy?


As a virtual screening platform created by filmmakers, we know how important it is to protect your feature. Show&Tell has you embed all of your virtual event videos (trailer, feature, etc.) through Vimeo. Read about how Vimeo protects your videos and handles piracy issues here.

What are the fees for the Show&Tell Virtual Events?


It will be $250 for a bundle of three virtual event licenses. Show&Tell also takes a 15% fee for all tickets, donations, and products purchased through the site. Stripe, our payment processor, takes 2.9% and $0.30 from each transaction. This leaves the filmmaker with more than 80% net revenue.

How do I get paid?


Show&Tell disburses payments through Stripe. Once your event is active, you will receive the revenue from your event on a weekly basis. You can check what orders have been placed at any time in the 'Attendees' section on the backend of the event. This will include ticket sales, donations, and product purchases from your store. To read about Stripe's security click here.

How long does it take to set up an event and have it ready to share with my audience?


If you have your film assets prepared in advance, you can set up an event very quickly. We’re here to help. You can sign up for our free and weekly, ‘How To” Webinar or visit our Support page for helpful guidance. The activation process is instantaneous, meaning you can create and share an event the same day!